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Lease Purchasing

Lease Purchasing

What is Lease?

At Easy Lease Cars, Lease can offer you a way of having the car that you’ve always wanted, but could not afford to purchase! Without having to pay a large deposit and a balloon payment at the end of the finance period, by making regular monthly payments for the period of the agreement, of between 1 to 3 years, you are able to drive away in the car of your dreams! Lease Purchasing a car is an alternate way to buying a car.

How Does It Work?

We find you a vehicle of your choice, you pay a small deposit and then pay the agreed monthly payments for the term of the agreement. This is how purchasing a vehicle on lease works and it’s that simple!

With Lease Purchasing a car, we always own the vehicle and hold all the documents for the full term of the agreement, once the agreement has come to an end you have the choice of, extending your lease agreement for a further agreed term, starting a new lease agreement on a new vehicle, taking out a lease purchase agreement on the vehicle or return the vehicle to us and just walk away.


What is Lease Purchase?

With the economic climate in the state it is in, many of us are finding it hard to actually get finance!!

So What Is The Answer?

We provide many vehicles that are accessible through Lease Purchase. With a percentage deposit and a monthly fee, you can drive a car away. Purchasing a Car on Lease is a hassle free way of owning a car without worrying about selling the car later; once the lease agreement period ends, you can just hand over the keys and can get a new lease.

How Does It Work?

With Lease Purchasing a car, you buy the vehicle of your choice, pay a deposit and pay the monthly payments agreed for that vehicle.

We always own the vehicle and documents until the full term of the agreement, by which you pay the last payment of the agreement and the deposit to Purchase the vehicle.

Whilst the vehicle is out on lease to you, you must provide a cover note as confirmation that insurance is in place for the full period. We have however, negotiated special rates with local insurers to provide Competitive insurance quotes for you!

Do you Qualify for Lease / Lease Purchase?

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