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Helping you Afford your New Car

With the current economic situation, we realise the financial problems the Country faces. With the Country’s highest ever unemployment levels many credit ratings have been tarnished. Easy Lease Cars hope to support that burden by making the leasing or purchase of a vehicle easier !

If you cannot afford to buy one of our vehicles outright or are struggling to get credit ! This new concept has been devised as a new alternative.

Fill in our simple rental purchase form to see if you qualify !

Please note that most of our vehicles are one owner vehicles with low mileage … please take this into consideration when looking for a comparison. Our Name is our Reputation !

A New fresh and innovative way to make owning your own vehicle realistically affordable.

A small deposit, an easy credit check and you are half way to buying your new vehicle! We have an ever increasing fleet of vehicles of all descriptions. If you do not see the vehicle of your choice please send us an email request as the vehicle you want maybe waiting to be listed.

If you fill in our request form on the contact us page , it will prompt our skilled team of buyers who maybe be able to purchase your required vehicle.



Fill in our Simple Lease/Purchase Form to see if you Qualify

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